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Painter • Printmaker  Illustration artist  Entrepreneur



I am a 35-year-old professional artist and worked in the industry full-time as a creative entrepreneur since 2016. At the moment I work in co-working artspace, Onkiniemi atelier in Tampere. I am currently writing my thesis for the YAMK degree of the Turku Academy of Arts.

I graduated from the Kankaanpää Visual Arts Unit at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences as a visual artist in 2012, after which I completed my studies in business planning and start-up in 2014.

Before moving to Kankaanpää, I studied at the Lybecker College of Arts and Crafts as a visual artisan in 2005-2008. I completed part of my studies in Estonia, at the Tartu School of Art in 2007. My orientation has always turned to art graphics, which seemed to have etched in me early on as a strong image of the future.

In recent years, art prints have also been counterbalanced by acrylic and ink paintings. My ink paintings in particular are very graphic in places and are often believed to be prints of art graphics. They show precisely the experience, handprint and layering of the graphic artist, which brings a very unique dimension to my paintings. I have found that ink paintings are my way to combine the best aspects of painting and printmaking.




I'm restless and wild in my art, and I can not limit it in certain styles or techniques. For a long time I imagined that artist had to find and specialize only in one of the most characteristic genres, but the more I tried to shackle my creativity within certain limits, the worse it struggled and escaped beyond its outlines.

I am endlessly curious and interested in everything concerning visual expression. It’s very characteristic of me to change technic or materials in an instant. At the same time I might paint a little abstract ink painting, a huge colorful landscape and design a well-defined typographic illustration with a computer image editing program. Because of this, in addition to unique series of paintings and graphic art, I have created a large number of different pictorial art products; posters, art calendars and postcards. I illustrated a book of poetry and two children's books to enostone publishing house, and I planned a pattern to Riva Clothing - company's collection.


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